Project Description

Wee Little Munchkins began in February of 2015 when my then 5 months old daughter started teething and clawing at me while she was nursing.
As any new first time mom would have done I turned to Google to find teething solutions. I was blown away by the variety of options available but also by the price of these items. As a mom on maternity leave I did not have the means (or the desire) to spend a small fortune on a necklace.
I thought to myself why isn’t anyone offering an affordable option? So I took it into my own hands to offer mamas everywhere same quality products at lower prices!

My product line currently includes teething/nursing necklaces for adults to wear and babies to chew on or play with, teething pacifier clips, toys on clips and teething bibs.
The products are made of BPA Free, Phtalates Free food grade silicone and have been approved by the FDA.